Ginger Rell Moisture + New Follicle Hair Growth

Moisture based hair growth promotes quick, new follicle hair growth. Our special recipe   increases circulation and aides in repairing damage.

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Lady H Pack

Lady H Strength + Repair

Strengthen + Repair and hair growth.

Lady H is the perfect combination of natural protein–making it the closest to your body’s natural protein ratio. Helps to soothe scalp (example: scalp psoriasis, eczema.)

Lady H

1 year of product use

Ginger Rell Flaxseed Gel

Created to protect strands from day to day debris, while infusing strands with ginger and almond for growth and repair.

Quan Beard Bundle

Quan Beard Growth and Maintenance

Natural DHT hormones promote new follicle hair growth and strengthen existing strands.

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