Quan Beard Oil


Beard growth, soften existing beard and repairs beard surface. Anti-bacterial/anti-fungal properties cleanse the area and apply its DHT blocker properties.


Quan Beard Oil

Quan Beard Growth + Maintenance collection is a addition to your beard routine. Quan Beard Growth is designed to encourage beard growth, and soften existing beard.

Our oil begins by repairing the beard surface. It’s anti-bacterial/anti-fungal properties cleanse the area and apply its DHT blocker properties. Often areas that can not grow hair have an increase of DHT hormone blockers. The natural ingredients in Quan Beard growth oil attach to hair follicles to help fight against hair loss, and encourage new follicle growth.

We believe in providing the best all-natural ingredients in our products:

   No GMOs

   No Chemicals

   Cruelty Free



Quan beard collection comes with Beard Butter, Face/Beard Mist, Beard Oil and Beard Shampoo.

Remember, when working to improve the health of your beard its best to have a routine. Sporadic maintenance, or lack of a routine can be harmful to the health of your beard.

Also keep in mind, when taking care your beard, its not one thing, its everything. So give your beard the best and it will be the best!

Ingredients: ginger, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, essential blend


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