Mariah UNICORN Bundle


Provides a fresh, natural keratin, biotin, omega 3s, protein solution, with natural fatty acids the hair craves to repair and build at the scalp level for new hair growth. It also provides new follicle hair growth, moisture and fresh vitamins. Promotes quick hair growth

pumpkin seeds - protrin rich for growth serum Almond - protein rich for growth serum Mint lemongrass for scap repair and healthy growth gingerV coconut


vitamin b, vitamin c, with natural anti-fungal, antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory solution, omega 3s, 6s, biotin, keratin

Benefits: Moisture, new follicle hair growth, strengthen, slows shedding; repair extreme dry scalp, patching, burning scalp

Feel: Light to medium, absorbs quickly

Aroma: cupcake




Mariah UNICORN Strength+Repair+Moisture Bundle includes growth serum, shampoo and Conditioner.

Our solution contains natural DHT hormone blockers that attach to follicles to promote hair growth. Our solution quickly sticks to the follicles adding Strength+Repair+Moisture, creating a healthy environment and promoting new follicles to growth.

Routinely feeding your hair the fresh vitamins and nutrients it craves helps produce quick results, As you continue to use this oil at the scalp level, strands will continue to absorb Mariah UNICORN growth serum from the root to the tip of each strand.

Thinning eyebrows, this is a great solution. (keep out of eyes; for external use only)


Oily hair/prefer weightless feel

  1. Test a drop on fingertip (a little goes a long way)
  2. Apply 1 – 3 drops to fingertips
  3. Massage into scalp for 7 minutes

Thinning edges:

  1. Take dropper and apply a few drops around edges
  2. Massage into scalp for 7 minutes

General Use:

  1. Take dropper and apply 7 – 12 drops directly to scalp (a little goes a long way)
  2. Massage into scalp for 7 minutes

When used in the morning, it provides a great aromatherapy quality, helping improve mode

Learn more about our 3 growth serum solutions


Mariah UNICORN Shampoo

Our natural shampoo provides a light lather that coats hair providing strength+repair+moisture.

Tight curls/textured hair should wash hair at least once a week. Moisture is key to healthy hair growth

If your hair is dry/damaged, or you are experiencing dry scalp, it is recommended to wash 2x the first week. This will help aid in repairing.

Mariah UNICORN Conditioner

  1. Apply conditioner to already damp hair
  2. With our quick detangle brush, apply to the strands paying special attention to the ends of your hair
  3. Rinse thoroughly for soft feel.

If not soft, hair may be damaged. To naturally repair and restore damage hair purchase Lady H as a natural protein solution

Deep Condition
  1. Apply conditioner to already damp hair
  2. With our quick detangle brush, apply conditioner from root to the ends of your hair
  3. Cover hair with cap/bag and leave in for 15 to 30 minutes
  4. Hair Type suggestion
    • Type 2
      • Thoroughly rinse conditioner, leaving hair light and soft
    • Type 3
      • Thoroughly rinse conditioner, leaving hair light and soft
    • Type 4
      • Rinse out most, but not all, of the conditioner (this will provide a visible, sealing moisture)

For best results use PH balanced water. Consider PH vitaminMIST

If hair remains dry, consider using Lady H to repair and restore hair. Hair that is frequently styled with hot tools, permed, or colored may need the natural protein Lady H provides to repair and restore.


Helps seal moisture into hair

  1. Apply dime size amount to already damp hair
  2. Detangle with our quick detangle brush
  3. Let dry
  4. Style hair

ingredients: ginger, mango butter, sweet almond oil, coconut, cold-pressed pumpkin oil essential and infused lemongrass-mint blend

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Weight 3 oz
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