Lady H Conditioner

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Our hand made oils are combined with smooth butters to make our moisturizing rich conditioner, excellent for nourishing and repairing dry hair.


Lady H Conditioner
Deep/Leave, natural protein conditioner with keratin and biotin


Use this biotin and keratin conditioner as a leave-in or deep conditioner. Made with hand made oils and combined with smooth butters. Excellent for repairing dry hair.

Unlike other shampoos and conditioners, Lady H can be used daily and does not dry out skin or hair. It is also an excellent solution for thick hair.

Deep Conditioner vs. Leave-in Conditioner: For a leave-in conditioner, mix a small amount with water and mist over hair to allow this healthy conditioner protect all day. To deep condition, add 1 dropper full of Lady H Healthy hair growth oil, leave in for 20 – 30 mins with cap, then rinse.

ingredients: mango butter, pumpkin oil, sweet almond oil, natural oils, vegetable glycerin, emulsify wax, xanthum gum, distilled water, natural preservative and essential blend


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