Lady H Conditioner


Provides a fresh, natural keratin, biotin, omega 3s, protein solution, with natural fatty acids the hair craves to repair and build at the scalp level for new hair growth.

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Lady H Conditioner is a creamy, all-natural biotin and keratin shampoo. It is packed with natural protein to help repair scalp dry, itchy scalp while strengthening follicles to reduce shedding and grow hair.

Hair + skin are made up of 88% protein so your hair CRAVES it. But giving your hair synthetic protein can cause damage over time. You can shampoo your hair everyday with our natural shampoo with out damaging it!

Our Lady H shampoos, conditioners and growth serums contain natural DHT hormone blockers that fight DHT hormones that cause hair loss and shedding.

Customers with dry/itchy scalp, patching, burning…etc. report seeing a difference with 24 hours. Others report hair growth in as early as 7 days. See reviews.

Lady H Shampoo

Our natural biotin and keratin shampoo provides a light lather.

It is recommended to wash at least 2x the first week. This will help aid in repairing. People with tight curls or textured hair should wash their hair at least once a week. When washing hair with our natural protein product, it can be used daily.

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ingredients: creamy mango butter, freshly made pumpkin seed oil and sweet almond oil, fresh ground mint oil, infused with madagascar vanilla


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