Ginger Rell Shampoo


Moisture rich shampoo. Great for thinning hair, provides quick hair growth and moisture. Best for all hair types! DHT hormone blockers to help fight hair loss


Ginger Rell Hair + Scalp Treatment has natural DHT hormone blockers to help fight against hair loss. It also provides moisture to each strand, while promoting a healthy scalp for new follicle growth.

Great for thinning hair.


The light oils and aroma, along with a light lather make

When used as a leave in condition, it helps seal in moisture into each strand, helping with tangles and providing a natural shine.

For extreme moisture, Ginger Rell Shampoo pairs well with Ginger Rell Conditioner and Ginger Rell Oil 

To set hair, and seal in moisture try Whipped Ginger Rell Butter.

When rebuilding healthy hair, its best to have a routine. A lack of routine with produce slower results.

When taking care your hair, its not one thing its everything.

ingredients: ginger, coconut, almond oil, xanthum gum (gluten-free) , castille soap, vegetable preservative, distilled water

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