Ginger Rell Flaxseed Gel


Fresh flaxseed paired with our Ginger Rell oils help style hair with a soft-med hold while providing extreme moisture to each strand. Natural anti-bacterial/anti-fungal properties cleanse the area and apply its DHT blocker properties.

Our flaxseed begins to moisturize and protect strands from daily debris.


We believe in providing the best all-natural ingredients in our products:

Fresh flaxseed gel paired with our natural Ginger Rell solution, helps style hair leaving a protective soft-med hold while providing extreme moisture to each strand.


Flaxseedsomega-3 fatty acids that help nourish hair follicles giving fast positive results. Flaxseed gel makes the hair follicles stronger and healthy while providing a protective coating

   lemongrass   Natural anti-bacterial/anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, aid in repairing scalp creating a healthy environment for new strands; helps treat dandruff

almondV Helps repair split ends and strengthens hair; helps treat hair damage for soft and shiny hair

coconut  Natural hair moisturizer (deep condition), nourishes hair while helping reduce frizz and protecting strands

gingerV Contains natural DHT Hormone blockers, aiding in healthy hair growth and slowing thinning hair. Also promotes new follicle hair growth and provides moisture

   No GMOs

   No hazardous chemicals

   No Alcohol

   Cruelty Free




Ingredients: ginger, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, essential blend, flaxseed, distilled water

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Weight.6 oz


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