Detangle Massage Brush


For wet or dry hair detangling, short or long hair, thick or curly hair. Allows you to adjust brush for hair type, or free form detangling.

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Our light weight Detangle Massage Brush helps quickly loosen your hair’s knots and tangles. Customers have often reported that our Detangle Massage Brush has quickly reduced their detangling time by at least 5 minutes and often more after only one use. Over time and finding a comfort with the brush they were able to reduce detangle times even more.

The Detangle Massage Brush is great for all hair types: short or long hair, thick or curly hair. The bristles on all of our brushes are strong and sturdy unlike other detangling brushes, they are hard to break or bend. The Detangle Massage Brush is designed to pause when a knot or tangle is reached. It then bends with hair until the pressure of the other rows of the brush gently eases its way through the troubled tangles. Once it passes the stressed area, it then automatically bends back in place after use.

A great feature of this wonderful brush is, there are two places on the back of the brush that allow for the brush connector piece to be added. This place allows you to stabilize the rows of the brush to prevent the freeform movement. When the brush is stabilized it makes for a great scalp massager. When not detangling hair, the connector option is recommended. Using the Detangle Massage Brush as a massager helps increase blood flow and circulation to scalp. Increasing blood flow and circulation helps promote healthy hair growth and exfoliates scalp with each use.

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Pairs great with our conditioners: Lady H Conditioner, Ginger Rell Conditioner

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Weight 2 oz
Brush Color

Black, Orange, Pink, Purple, Deep Purple, Teal, Yellow


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