Beard Massage Brush


Increases new follicle hair growth for beard by increasing blood flow; Promote quick beard growth.

When pairing with Quan Beard products you increase growth by adding fresh vitamins and nutrients.

lemongrass for scap repair and healthy growth almondV coconut

vitamin b, vitamin c, with natural anti-fungal, antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory solution

Benefits: Moisture, new follicle hair growth

Feel: Light, no greasy feel, absorbs quickly

Aroma: Sugary ginger lemon, Ginger Cookie, Ginger Ale, Green Tea



Our Beard Massage Brush enhances the beard wash and beard oil experience by gently massaging. It helps to increase blood flow directly to the area, allowing follicles to absorb the fresh vitamins and nutrients provided directly from Quan Beard Wash and Quan Beard Oil.

Quan’s Beard Massage Brush is best paired with Quan Beard collection. The natural DHT hormone blockers found in Quan Beard products, naturally attach to the root of follicles to help prevent shedding and thinning. This helps grow new beard follicles, and repair skin under beard and improve skin elasticity and repair existing follicles.

It is a 3-n-1 solution. Customers have reported seeing a reduction in beard bumps, softer beard and new growth in as little as 7 days. Check out our Beard reviews.


  1. Test a drop on fingertip (a little goes a long way)
  2. Suggested, apply 1 – 3 drops to fingertips
  3. Beard Massage into beard for 7 minutes

beard bumps:

  1. Take dropper and apply a drop directly to beard or face bumps
  2. Massage into area

When used in the morning, it provides a great aromatherapy quality, helping improve mode



With natural anti-inflammatory anti-fungal properties, this solution is great for acne and dark marks, as well as dark under eye circles

  1. Apply 1 – 3 drops (example: 1 on forehead, 1 on each cheek, 1 on chin), massage into skin


Pair with other products to enhance results:

Beard Wash

Our natural shampoo provides a light lather.

Tight curls/textured hair should wash hair at least once a week. Moisture is key to healthy hair growth

If your hair is dry/damaged, or you are experiencing dry scalp, it is recommended to wash 2x the first week using Ginger Rell. This will help aid in repairing.

Beard Butter

  1. Apply smooth butter to already damp beard
  2. With a wide Quan beard brush massage beard

If not soft, hair may be damaged. To naturally repair and restore beard apply heat monthly


For best results use PH balanced water

If beard remains dry, consider using Lady H to repair and restore hair.


Helps seal moisture into beard


Looking for his and her natural beard solutions? Consider our His & Her solution. Wonder aroma helps enhance mood, while repairing hair and growing new follicles.