Part 1

As many of you know, I recently began my henna hair dye journey this year. Since that time, the number one question I get from customers is, is it really worth it? Well for me the answer is not as simple as a yes or no. For the answer, I carefully weighed my desire, my outcome and my hair vision.

The first time I even researched dying my hair with henna, was because of a gentle nudge I received from my wonderful son Quence.

After, the 1st round of Covid-19 quarantine–and being trapped in the house–Americans finally received word we were allowed to leave our homes, but ONLY for exercise. With that said, I waisted no time in enlisting my best walking buddy, my son Quence.

Finally a taste of freedom! As we exited the door I noticed my son seemed to hang back a little bit, I thought it was just to adjust his mask, but I was wrong. Seconds later I heard him let out a gasp and then I heard words I never expected….

“MOM 😲 what is going on with your hair (as he took his hand and shooed at my in disbelief). Also, in case its not yet clear by me owning a hair brand, and naming it after my two sons, we are big hair people.

“I replied, “What do you mean? …I just left it out but…” he quickly interrupted me, without hesitation “Nooo… mom you have GOT to do something about your hair, there is so much grey. “I then replied, “Oh, you can really see it”. “Yes” he said, “because it’s everywhere”.

Now there are those who are willing to go faithfully into the I’m going all grey all over type of night… Well that person is not me and my son knows that person is not me.

Now faced with the realization that my little grey secret had become a massive grey public announcement that apparently had been shouting to the world LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME, I was forced to instantly register this brand new information: I am officially the age where I can’t just cover my grey with a quick swipe of my mascara brush, or pull a piece out and keep it moving. It finally happened, I have grey grey not just a stand of grey or the start of a grey but a full mix.

After looking in his eyes, I knew instantly it was real, and more than anything, it was go time. I didn’t even blink. With serious determination in my eyes, I quickly said “say less” and immediately got on my phone to click click the Amazon button and ordered a pack of Henna.

Henna is a very natural way to dye your hair though it’s a long process and it doesn’t create a dark stain it’s the healthiest solution when dying hair for me I don’t dye to get a ultimate coverage–that would be nice–I do it for grey coverage