Who We Are?

After years of research, Quence & Quan’s CEO Tink created  custom recipes from fresh almond and pumpkin seeds. After less than a year in business, customers in the DC, MD, VA area begin to spread the word about how quickly Quence & Quan products grew hair and repaired scalp.

Our Goal: Provide the freshest vitamins and nutrients directly to hair, skin and scalp for the healthiest new growth.

Background: Quence & Quan is named after her 2 sons, and inspired by her God daughter Mariah, and late grandmother and cousin, Lady H and Rell. All products are made fresh per purchase, directly from the seed.

Dedication: To Lady H,
No matter the downs, you always came up. It’s like you were invincible… until the day that you weren’t…I think of you often… our last words, your last breath and our last I love you. I miss you. I will never forget you cause’ I love you.

How We started?

Quence & Quan was founded, May 31st 2019. Prior to standing up Quence & Quan our CEO experienced scalp issues (burning, patches, flaky). She purchased a variety of products and none worked, so she did research and created Lady H and Ginger Rell. After a few years of making her hair oils, her son Quence encouraged her to start her own business, and thus our company was born.

Our CEO wanted to create a hair line that people could trust will work. 

Many customers who have discovered Quence & Quan hair products, have vowed they “will use anything else again”.

FAST Delivery

We pride ourselves in filling orders with in 1-2 days

One on One

We love educating customers about our products, Speaking to customers helps find the right solution just for you! Click the chat button to ask questions.

Secure Checkout

We go the extra step to make sure your information is safe.